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TWILIGHT RELEASE PARTY BABY!!!! (and introducing the fabulous Pocket EDWARD!!!)

Okay so last Friday Whitley and I attended the Twilight Release party at my local HOT TOPIC!!! It was a blast!!!! Here are some pics to remember the evening by:




Pocket Edward with Life-Sized Edward!!!! they are both gorgeous!!!!

Pocket Edward with Life-Sized Edward!!!! they are both gorgeous!!!!


While we were in line to get the DVD, Whitley and I came in contact with some posers, yes posers. They were 19 years old as the so willingly told me and they were screaming and grunting and singing the whole f-ing time. While I had to restrain Whitley from pulling and Edward sized capping on there asses I too was about to throw them over the balcony we were so conviently standing on. But no worries we didn’t let that ruin our evening and WE HAD A FREAKING BLAST!!! THANKS FOR SUCH A GOOD TIME WHIT! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

besties!!! :)

besties!!! 🙂


This is a true story about how my “Edward Blanket” was taken from me in the middle of the night…..

OKay, so My friend Becky usually stays the nights with me at my apartment on Thursdays because well her sister’s boyfriend is kind of a douche bag. Anyways this past Thursday as always I’m snuggled up with my “Edward Blanket” and “Edward Pillow” sleeping. Mind you, Me and Becky’s dog Parker have had some problems in the past when sharing the bed, he seems to like to use me as a human trampoline in the middle of the night. This is not okay, but I have not killed him because, well Becky would hate me and I have learned serious strength from Edward.

So again I’m sleeping and all of a sudden I wake up in a panic, knowing that something is not right. I feel around for “Edward Pillow” and he is there, but “Edward Blanket” is not. I feel around towards the end of the bed and what do I find? I find Parker wrapped up tight in “Edward Blanket”, I have to say to everyone that this is not okay. I am instantly furious, and rip “Edward Blanket” from the evil grasps of Parker. This surprises Parker and he almost falls to the floor, I thought about killing him right then and there because this, in my book, is unforgivable.

I look at him and spared his life because I think to myself, “What would Edward do?” Well since he is not only amazingly hott but has a lot of restraint. So Parker is safe for now, but he better not try it again…….

TRUE STORY!!!! so watch out ladies, it seems that dogs like Edward too…..


This makes the thought of me almost losing his blanket form all better! ")

This makes the thought of me almost losing his blanket form all better! ")

ENJOY!!! 🙂

Don’t do this to us Rob!!! :(

Okay so I just read something very tragic, it turns out that Rob won’t be composing or singing in the New Moon soudntrack. Why Robbie WHY? This is very upsetting, his two songs plus paramore’s songs helped raise the Twilight soundtrack to number one. He said ” music is just a back up plan” okay well why not have both, you can act and sing man why not?



Though Paramore will be coming back to sing on the New Moon soundtrack it will so not be the same without Rob. 😦  I don’t think that he knows what he is doing to us, but maybe if we complain a whole lot he will give in. After all he loves us and wouldn’t be where he is without us. He said that pursuing music was not his intention, well was your intention to break millions of hearts everyday? We love you but you have to give us more!

-Jess :))


Okay so it wouldn’t be right of me not to do my first post about Rob, it just wouldn’t. So I think that he is the most beautiful creature to walk the planet… I’m not just saying that like some other fan.  I’m not really sure when I fell in love with him, it all happend kind of fast. All I know is that no other man will be good enough, except for Edward Cullen which basically is the same person.

Okay so some people were very upset that he played Edward Cullen in Twilight, uuuummmmmm WHY? he is PERFECT FOR THE PART! okay so there have been some pretty ify pictures of him, thanks to the ladies of Letters to Rob. LOL they displayed them even though they were pretty bad, it just shows that they truly love him! Everyone takes a few bad photos in their life time, I can say that from experience. 

So like I said I’m not really sure when it happend for me but Whitley remembers the exact second that her entire world changed. She said it was when she was at the midnight showing of Twilight and he walked in for the first time. She said she lost her breath, which I can totally agree upon because he takes my breath away all of the time.  Every time I open my lap top my heart speeds up, I may just have  a heart attack one day just from turning on my computer. It will be all worth it though, my heart truly does belong to him.

I would really like to admit that I have a problem, I have found myself doing sick amounts of internet shopping for twilight stuff. I have about 35 t-shirts, every poster ever made, all of the buttons and patches, I even have the twilight sticker on the back of my orange and black dodge daytona charger. HAHAH speaking of which Whitley made Jeremy put her sticker on the back of his truck! I’m proud of him though, he drives it proudly! 🙂 That’s a true man!  Though Rob will always be number one in my eyes! 😉

So about Rob presenting at the Oscars…..hmmmm its something that I probably wouldn’t watch but I will sit through hours and hours of no Rob to see him! for probably about 2 seconds at the most but it will be sooooo worth it!  I’m pretty sure that Whitley, Jeremy, and I will be watching together and thank GOD for DVR! we can pause and rewind as needed!!!!

So okay guys thanks for letting me go on and on about Rob! Love HIM!!!!! 🙂







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